This commnity project is about Europe's Countries falling apart, making Europe a Terra Nullis (Unclaimed land)

Now it is your time to rebuild Europe! Here are the rules:

Rules (For Making a Country)Edit

  • Sign up on the table below if you want to join in.
  • Where you want your country has to be no bigger in size than the Netherlands.
  • Colour is going to be the colour of your country area on the map.
  • Ignore the borders on the map below. (They are just real life borders)
  • Put a flag in the gallery if you wish to, put a number on the caption and under the flag column of the table.
  • Use the squirrel719 guideline to help you.
  • You cannot work in teams
Name Where you want your country Country Name Colour Flag
Squirrel719 Southwest Britian Southwesterland Orange 1
Coolmax260 Glasgow to Edinburgh area Celtic Union Green 2
BainTheCool Area around Rome New Roman Empire Red 3

Flag GalleryEdit

Southwesterland 3


Celtic Flag


2000px-Nova Roma Flag.svg


Rules (Claiming)Edit

Empty LandEdit

  • You can claim empty land every on this table
  • You will recieve the claim whenever I check here
  • The claim must not be bigger than the approximate size of the Netherlands.
  • The claimed land must be next to yours or on the other side of a water body. (Sea, Ocean, etc.)
Name Claim
Squirrel719 Wales
Coolmax260 The bits of Scotland south of my current claim

Someone Elses LandEdit

  • You can claim up to the size of Netherlands of someone else's land. (As long as it isn't the entire country)
  • To get the land, you must go for a quiz either on this wikia's chat, or our partner wikias Future of Europe Wikia or the Polandball Wikia which I (Squirrel719) Will host. There will be 3 questions, the winner will recieve the land claimed from the looser.
  • The other person's land must be close to yours (Doesn't have to be touching, but close)
Name Claim Name of whoever's land you are claiming
Squirrel719 Isle of Mann Te Pepe &

& = This one is an example


Important Note: I (Squirrel719) will update the maps of claims and new countries whenever I'm on.Edit

​Do Not Edit This Map, I (Squirrel719) will do this all.Edit

Map 22 09 15(2)

Last Updated - 22/09/15