Template:ProtectedTemplate:Infobox warPolandball World War is the first great war in the Polandball Wiki, involving a rebellion and several reports over this wiki and its most active users. Many users actually just joined war because they were in chat.

=== Background ===
IDrowzee banned The Mysterious Contributor for having asked his birthday. Then, Mysterious changed his IP many times, each of which he got another ban of 99 years.He banned also

Fantastic mapper.

On October 10th, IDrowzee made a blog post where he actually forbids forever IP active users.

Later, Collisions and Grooox argumentated, getting Grooox demoted. On the following day, IDrowzee banned many peoples and alts for 99 years, among which also PiscesRK and Grooox.

On PWUW, instead, IDrowzee gave a three-days ban to Collisions on the Polandball Wiki.

=== Exiliation ===
The above-said thing make many users to exile on PWUW and on other sister wikis. The anger against IDrowzee grown up when he banned Blocked IP, MysteryKing and SunnyKhan688 without warning. Blocked IP so started adopting an anti-Reagan profile pic, followed by PiscesRK and Swiss Emperor. Swiss Emperor was 99 years banned by IDrowzee on Polandball wikia just for having been on PWUW chat. That's the motivation of Swiss Emperor's helping to Allies. As revenge, PiscesRK and Blocked IP blocked IDrowzee on PWUW and Italian Polandball Wiki.

Other users, instead, starting creating parodies of Polandball Wiki hoping IDrowzee wouldn't discover them.

=== Demotion Blog Creation ===
Following the advice of VSTF, Squirrel719 created a demotion vote blog where unblocked users can vote yes or no and say their motivation about why IDrowzee shouldn't be the only owner. IDrowzee stopped banning people anymore for not having a VSTF ban.

During this period, Antonio12ITA and BainTheCool were trying to make peace while a short-apparead fake DickRhino was chat-banned by IDrowzee.

=== The Spanish Wikia Involvement ===
Blocked IP then sent a message on Voztok wall for joining the war or at least argumentate about. On the second day of war, some users of the Spanish Wiki commented this page and, while TLG95 created the Coмiитэяи side, some other users decided to join the Allies.

=== Peace Acts ===
Meanwhile, Squirrel719, tired of the short-lived war, decided to make a democratic peace treaty on a blog, asking for users' friendness. Some users approved it, some didn't. SunnyKhan688 and Blocked IP proposed an own peace treaty, the "Treaty of Swaziland" and the "Treaty of Ocala".

YuhBRO tried to convert IDrowzee by talking with him, but he were giving him much reasons to ban everyone for 99 years, saying that everyone were insulting, but YuhBRO had no chance, but at least he tried...

IDrowzee, later, made another ban against The Mysterious Contributor giving as motivation "abusing multiple account". (How can an IP have alts, BTW?). Later, IDrowzee deleted The Mysterious Contributor's talk page and IDrowzee commented on the blog that from that on everyone must follow the strict rules, without noticing that's actually just a copy of /r/polandball regime and actually declared forbidden the IP contribution to the Wiki. He also removed all the comments made by The Mysterious Contributor in the blogpost. This definitly marks the exile of The Mysterious Contributor on PWUW.
===Deletion of Threads and Comments===
The next day, Coolmax260, Collisions and Luki1223 reported that lots of their threads were deleted by IDrowzee with no reason given. It turned out IDrowzee was trying to purge The Mysterious Contributor and PiscesRK from the history of the wiki. Later, IDrowzee removed the 0brick and 0ball pages again. The Mysterious Contributor's Vote was deleted on the Demotion Blog. He then said that he would start to delete pages without flags or symbols. The Mysterious Contributor decided to help the deletion of 0ball and derivates from the Wiki, but not wants the remotion of the not-flagged -balls.

===Demotion Blog Results===
The Demotion Blog ended and the results were 7 people voting yes for his demotion and 5 people voting no. The results were then reported to Special:Contacts and this was the repsonse:

"Thanks for writing to Wikia. That vote is not a clear community consensus, unfortunately, so I am not going to take the step of demoting IDrowzee. Further, I've noted that someone in your wikia decided it was an OK thing to do to post clues about where he lives. If that happens again, I'm going to have to take some drastic action to prevent it in the future, because that's not cool and won't be tolerated on Wikia.

=== Aftermath ===
PWUW is nearly in deletion because it was reported by IDrowzee. Many also say IDrowzee should be demoted and banned, but some people refuse to let go of the past. IDrowzee is still in denial and looks down on everyone younger than him, or less edits but Antonio12ITA.

=== Collisions' Issues ===
After Collisions was banned of IDrowzee's madness, he was given century's ban for a rule he passed down after he was banned of no reason. IDrowzee claimed that Collisions posted here the Ocala question, while Blocked IP actually did. Good thing Antonio managed to shorten the ban to 3 days. The following day he was unbanned completely, only to receive another century's ban by IDrowzee since he thinks that Collisions actually did it, even if Blocked IP confessed.

=== The Asian Strike ===

This image made by MysteryKing represents "The Asian Strike", an event in which IDrowzee blocked 3 asian users MysteryKing, Collisions, and PiscesRK. Collisions and Pisces resulted in a century's ban, while MysteryKing is the only one to survive the Asian strike. Meanwhile, IDrowzee decretated that whoever will contribute on this Wiki or will go against his rules, will get a century's ban. That's why this wiki is gonna die since its only active contributor is Collisions.

===Farewell to Blocked IP===
After many days and fopr many problems, On October 29, 2015; Blocked IP announced leave the Wikia.

=== The Peace Possibility ===
In the first time the pacifists contacted wikia staff, they refused to help. But recently, Luki1223 and BainTheCool, had contacted wikia staff and received a reply. This reply suggested to have a wikia voting on if they really wanted IDrowzee demoted. Blog post was deleted, and Luki1223 was banned for "Intimidating behaviour/harassment: Linking to spam sites". BainTheCool was also banned for 1 month.

===Farewell to PiscesRK===
In somewhat related to this war and stuff, On November 4th, PiscesRK annocned that he is going to leave the wiki at December 9th, 2015 even though the Polandball World War officially ends.

He is going to leave all of Wikia at 2016, but sometimes can come back for short moments.
==Conflict map==
*█▒ File:Axis.png Axis
*█▒ File:Allies.png Allies
*█▒ 25px-Black_Peace_Dove.svg.png Pacifists
*█▒ File:Comintern.png Coмiитэяи
Lighter provinces are just neutral provinces under influence.