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3000 BC Edit

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The map

Over 5000 years ago, there lived 4 countries. 1, the Nabaqua kingdom, situated in the most beautiful of valleys. The second, the Reddgen Empire, a strict civilised area of baige-brick cities and warm weather. The third, the Sunstrider Forest Kingdom, the home of beautiful red and gold buildings that seem like a fairy tale. And the fourth - the largest, the Byzantyl Kingdom, covering and continiously exploring the south of the land. These were developing and building up at this time, neither of them knew little about each other, apart from the forest kingdom and Nabaqua, which met each other at this time and started their special relationship...

2800 BCEdit

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The world in 2800 BC, mostly unknown...

For the next 200 years, little changed; each reigion had developed and grown slightly more, however more about them were known about each other. Still the only reigions that properly communicated were the Nabequans and the Sunstridians. Reddgens were getting closer to the Byzanti. Which was at that point, now an empire. 

Meanwhile, another nation was cropping up...

2600 BCEdit

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This was the part when the countries started to properly meet each other. The Nabqua-Sunstrider relationship was still growing.

The Byzanti emperor discovered the Zai'Wan tribes and made a trade terms treaty which allowed them to trade and keep peace. However, the Reddgens rejected the treaty...

2400 BCEdit

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The Byzanti stopped growing but the border of knowledge kept expanding, and the Zai'Wan were still trading. However, the Reddgens were growing and were waging war against the Byzanti and the Nabquan-Sunstridens, or the Naquastriders. They were both on a constant border war with the Reddgens.

A problem was cropping up with the Reddgens though. They here getting an uprise against it's strict policy. But it was still expanding and the empire travelled across the large river...

2200 BC Edit

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The Romaco Uprise was gathering more and more supporters, and it was eating the inside of the Reddgen Empire. Nabqua started to gain back it's land stolen by it as well and the Byzanti stood strong whilst the Reddgen were distracted, It left the Zai'Wann Peninsula as it's trading started to die down. the Ottoxine Empire was created as well.

2000 BCEdit

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By this time the Romaco were an official reigion. And the Reddgen were getting angrier as the land across the river was taken. It succesfully attacked the Nabqua and the Byzanti just when they were to organize their reputation. The Byzanti swore to protect the Zai'Wann against the Redgenn and started to build up defences northwest of the peninsula. Lathassia, Panetha and Zamtha Rus were founded.

1800 BCEdit

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The Romacans had almost taken over the entire Reddgen Empire and they started to trade with the Sunstridans and the Nabquans which had recently set their borders straight. Lanthessia was founded and more exploration was created across the river. The Byzanti had just finished building their great wall.